Our Team

Brett Herkt
Brett HerktFounder and CEO
Brett sees the business world in pictures: as it is, and as it could be. He stubbornly pursues the ‘could be’. Having achieved the improbable (transforming a $2M ISP into an $15M ICT business, producing a higher long term return on capital than the market monopoly) he’s graduating to something bigger. As MD of Leaderkit Brett sets the course and manages the way for a young venture introducing a unique software category to the world.
Kim Thibault
Kim ThibaultChief Operating Officer
Joining Leaderkit in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer, Kim holds a strong mix of professional and entrepreneurial skills. MBA qualified, Kim was a key driver in the development of Maxnet, a successful high value ISP and has overseen the development of over $3 million in SaaS enterprise software.

Here at Leaderkit Kim has a multi-facted role, juggling the responsibilities for product management, customer service, finance, administration and marketing.

Arjan Noordhoek
Arjan NoordhoekCTO Advisor
Arjan is an experienced IT professional who is passionate about finding optimal ways to manage and improve product development. Using the lessons from the past while fully embracing Agile and Lean practises he continues to challenge the Leaderkit team to deliver products and build an organisation that can service customers in a competitive global market.
Christian Schwager
Christian SchwagerGraphic Design
Christian completes the picture – literally – rendering the look and feel of our final product. He combines an artist’s eye with a Teutonic drive for perfect dimension and consistent presentation – he is German!

When he’s not designing, Christian is creating dark and mythical creatures for science fiction and fantasy products around the world.

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