Professional Onboarding

Set up your team to succeed

Improving your strategy delivery involves people and attitudes – not just technology.

We work with your team to develop a good technical understanding of Leaderkit and a good fit with your management processes.
You can choose a program that suits ranging from fast start support to comprehensive management training.
Take this 3 minute survey to determine the maturity of your current management practices and what your induction needs might be.

Quick Start

Get Leaderkit up and producing value within 2 weeks

  • Expert personal support to get your plan into Leaderkit.
  • Team induction.
  • Crunch your strategy and leadership routine into two tight pages.
  • Suits teams with mature, well–established management practices.

Duration: 2 weeks + 60 days telephone support

Riding Shotgun

6 months support to embed new practices

  • Everything in the Quickstart program – Leaderkit up and running within 2 weeks.
  • Establish new meeting and reporting practices with self-help guides, a monthly session and on-tap support from a GM level coach over 6 months.
  • Great for teams who want to lift their management game.

Duration: 6 months

Quick Start

  • Short induction program

Riding Shotgun

  • Expert support on board and on tab for 6 months
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