Leaderkit Software Pricing

Features and pricing that scale with the size of your business.

Prices shown in:   $ NZ    |  $US


  • 1 business unit
  • One-Page-Plan
  • Meeting Tool
  • 3-5 users


  • 3 business units
  • One-Page-Plan
  • Meeting Tool
  • Reporting Tool
  • Business 360
  • Planning Kit


  • Unlimited business units
  • One-Page-Plan
  • Meeting Tool
  • Reporting Tool
  • Business 360
  • Planning Kit
  • CEO Groups
  • Account Management

Try Leaderkit for free

Our free trial starts you off with an unlimited number of users and one business unit.

When you’re ready to buy,
you’ll choose the plan that’s right for you.

A business unit is any group/business unit/department or team within the organisation that may have requirement for its own strategy with Annual Goals and an Action List.
All plans are invoiced annually in advance.

You can increase your user count at any time, and will be invoiced for the balance of the term. There is no refund for unutilised user licenses.

NZ located businesses must be invoiced in NZD and GST applies.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

Improving your strategy delivery involves people and attitudes – not just new technology. Over the past 3 years we’ve honed our implementation approach to ensure you get the outcomes you need.

We consider the beginning of your journey with Leaderkit to be critically important. So we work with your leadership team to develop both a good technical understanding of Leaderkit and a delivery–focused culture.

You get a choice of onboarding services – let’s find one that best suits your teams’ requirements.

A user license is anyone granted access to your account in Leaderkit.  If the same user has access to more than one business unit, it only counts as one user license regardless of the number of business units they have access to.
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