Create a living plan to drive your business on.

Distill a five sentence strategic foundation, from vision through target market to core strategy.

Create an annual plan comprised of balanced scorecard, annual strategies (or drivers) and a key action list.

Execution Toolkit

Use Leaderkit to execute your plan naturally and efficiently.

Allocate responsibility for the plan to your key leaders – each spends 20 minutes a week reviewing and updating progress – which feeds wonderfully effective:

  • Leadership meetings
  • One-on-ones
  • Scorecard theme meetings
  • Board Reports

Waste less time on status dates –  spend more time making decisions.

Thinking Gear

Deepen your understanding of the way ahead.

Form a complete picture of your business in it’s market-place, including market context, strategy, execution and resources with Business 360°.

Test leadership health and staff engagement with in-built surveys.

Grow understanding with a portfolio of inbuilt and referenced planning tools – from SWOT analysis to business model canvas.

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